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We understand that you want to find somewhere that you can feel relaxed, comfortable and ‘at home’. We endeavour to provide our residents with a care home that is beautifully furnished with all of the necessities and more.


We don’t just provide a care home, we provide a community where you can socialise and learn new skills. We ensure that a range of activities are regularly offered for your enjoyment.


Our team schedules and organises for residents to see registered medical professionals throughout the year. We build this into our bespoke personal care for each resident. 

Types of Care

Types of Care

Residential Care

Our residential care offers our residents support with day-to-day tasks while promoting independence and person-centred care. 

Residents have a large comfortable room and a communal lounge area for relaxing and socialising. We have a dedicated activities coordinator who organises an array of exciting and engaging daily activities. We encourage our residents to participate in activities and get involved with life at Russettings. We respect all individuals and understand that residents’ needs vary.

Our dedicated team offers 24 hour support to residents should they need. We also work closely with healthcare professionals to oversee any underlying medical conditions.

Russettings Care Home Haywards Heath
Dementia Care at Russettings Care Home

Nursing Care

Russettings provides nursing care for residents suffering from a long term illness or those recovering from an illness. Our 24 hour nursing care is overseen by registered nurses who develop a personal care plan for each resident depending on their medical need.

Our purpose built home, has been designed to accommodate residents with disabilities to ensure they can participate in the daily activities and enjoy life at Russettings. Our rooms are designed with all of the comforts you would expect and additional features to support residents requiring extra assistance including profile beds and hoists.

Relatives and friends can rest assured knowing that their loved ones are safe and getting the support they need, with all the comforts of home. 

Dementia Care

At Russettings, we excel in providing 24 hour dementia care. Our highly skilled nursing team provides personal and social care whilst also delivering support that offers comfort and positive engagement for people living with mild, moderate, and severe dementia.

We continuously educate our teams in the latest research and approaches in dementia care. This equips them with the expert skills and knowledge they need to provide high-quality care for our residents living with dementia.

Russettings Dementia Care

Person-Centred Care

Person-centred care sees residents as equal partners in planning, developing and assessing care to make sure it is most appropriate for their needs. It involves putting residents and their families at the heart of all decisions. Person-centred care recognises that if residents are to be truly happy and fulfilled, we need to understand their past and present relationships with others. It is not just their interactions with staff that are important, but also their relationships with family members and other healthcare professionals. This is the bedrock upon which the day-to-day running of our home is based. 

Haywards Heath dementia care
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