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Janauary 2024 Newsletter

January at Russettings!

January brought a whirlwind of weather to Balcombe, with storms, rain, cold winds, and even a sprinkle of snow, transforming our surroundings into a winter wonderland. However, amidst the chill, signs of spring are beginning to emerge, adding a sense of anticipation and hope to Russettings. The lasagna planting pots on our patio are sprouting glimpses of fresh color, promising a vibrant transformation in our grounds.

Indoors, the dining room and lounge have become vibrant hubs of beauty and creativity, thanks to the Flower Arranging Group at Russettings. A delightful ‘pop’ of color now graces the tables and shelves, with beautiful artistic arrangements that bring the spirit of nature indoors.

Russettings ushered in the New Year with style, hosting an afternoon cheese and wine party on New Year’s Day. It was a truly enjoyable affair, filled with relaxation, light jazz melodies, and engaging conversations. 

As we navigate the fluctuations of January weather, the bursts of colour both indoors and in our patio pots remind us that each season holds its own charm at Russettings.