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December 2023 Newsletter

Decemeber at Russettings!

December at Russettings has been a month filled with sparkle and festive cheer! As we eagerly prepared for the holiday season, our residents immersed themselves in a delightful array of arts, crafts, and culinary delights. The creative spirit soared as personalised door baubles adorned the hallways, and charming clay robins added a touch of whimsy to our home.

Our talented residents showcased their culinary skills with wonderfully decorated Christmas cakes and scrumptious mince pies, creating a delectable atmosphere for our afternoon teas. The joy of the season extended beyond our doors as our mini bus trips took us to a local garden center, where animated Christmas animals sang and danced in spectacular shows.

Families and friends joined us for festive shopping excursions, creating cherished moments and enjoying Christmas-themed teas together. The camaraderie and warmth shared during these outings added an extra layer of joy to our celebrations. December at Russettings has truly been a month of laughter, creativity, and connection. Here’s to the memories created and the festive spirit that will linger in our hearts throughout the coming year!